PT A ONE Property Investments

A ONE Property Investments is company that works in property investment services especially for Australian property market. A ONE is being established to help clients make better and profitable investment in Australian property. Being established in 2011 together with Golden Berg Enterprises (GBE) Property Investment Australia who have been working in property investment services since 28 Years ago (1986), A ONE Property Investments have been able to help many clients achieve maximum profit for their investment in Australia. A ONE Property has been working together with some of the biggest developer in Australia to sell their property to Indonesian market. A ONE Property is being led and managed by Juliana Jotani who acts as Director for the company together with Hendry Handaru, Director and Founder of Golden Berg Enterprises who acts as Senior Adviser also an Enterprenuer. With more than 20 years (since 1994) experience in international property market, Juliana has developed vast knowledge and experience in Australian market. With support from GBE Australia, A ONE Property is successfully build reputation as a trusted, strong, safe, and profitable company.


A ONE Property Investment Company always gives our client personalized service for each of our client. We help our client maximize their profit by helping client choose the best property that suit their need and condition.